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The GenesisX Difference

Experience the cloud storage revolution

Our goal is to increase cloud storage security, privacy, and user experience through blockchain technologies. With a continued focus on privacy and security, GenesisX is already working to integrate increased security protocols such as 2FA to protect users data. At the heart of any cloud based storage platform is the ability to share files. GenesisX takes that a step further, enabling user the ability to buy and sell files for XGS.


Using Cloud Storage enables you to keep back ups of any types of file with ease of access from any computer, any location (as long as you have access to internet) at any time!


As stated above, our priority is security/privacy on our platform. Anyway in which we can increase these elements will be looked into and discussed. You can see some features we have already integrated below.


One way in which we have chosen to utilize GenesisX is by integrating a feature which allows users to buy and sell files for XGS. This gateway has been implemented.

Security and Privacy you can count on

When it comes to your files, we know that security and privacy are of the utmost concern. That's why we're dedicated to continuing to develop the most robust and user friendly storage solution backed by blockchain technologies available.

Two Factor Authentication

Account level 2FA keeps your main account information, and files, twice as secure.

Password Protected Files

Each file may be protected with a unique, strong password.

2FA Protected Files

Double up on the protection by adding Two Factor Authentication to already password protected files.

Extra Long Hash

Increases the length of file URL if public with random letters and numbers.

URL Excl. Filename

When sharing the URL of the file (if public) the filename isn't included in link (hides file info in URL).

AES-256 Encryption

Data is encrypted using state-of-the-art AES-256 bit encryption, meaning you can rest easy that your files are safe.

Amazon AWS Storage

The backbone of our system utilizes Amazon AWS S3 with upgraded encryption for a blazing fast and secure storage solution.

Account/Folder Privacy

There is an option in account settings where you can make the accounts folders/directories private.

Are you ready to experience the future of storage?

The XGS Secure Storage Platform beta is currently only available for GenesisX masternode holders. Sign up to be the very first to know then this opens to the public.

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Our Progress

We are currently at the BETA stage

The GenesisX SPS Project started its journey in the Research Stage, Flew through the Design Stage, Currently in BETA stage and is aiming to reach its final destination, Release which will be within the next few months.


At this stage we completed thorough market research, found a niche and started planning.


After liaising with the team, we all decided on a design, features to be included and the agreement of starting the platform building.


Base platform is built, many planned features integrated and still more to be added. Masternode holders given 1GB Lifetime Free Access.


After thorough penetration testing, security and privacy protocols have been tested and all features added. Release will be ready.